Ramzan Mubarak

Iftar at chaaye’ khana
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ramzan iftar deal chaaye khana

Chaaye Khana is serving Sehr & Iftaar everyday..

You can choose anything from your favorite ala carte menu for Sehr!

Iftaar platter is for Rs.525/- (Excl. Tax) with the following items. On getting this platter you will get a 20% discount on the entire menu.

  • Iftaar platter includes:
    Potato samosas
    Beef samosas
    Chana Chaat
    Dahi phulki
    Fruit chaat bowl
    Spring rolls
    Lemonade or Rooh Afza
    Cup of Doodh patti
  • For Sehri can order anything from the chaaye’ khana breakfast menu.